Wholesale Program

This program is for you Professional Detailer, car Dealer, Rental Car companies and others who uses detailing products professionally and in large quantities.


We would like to offer you a special discount for help you to run your business for less and get more profit with that.


We have 3 discount tiers. After sending your documentation and being approved you automatically starts to get the discount on tier 1. Once your purchases for the year exceeds $1000, you will eligible to receive discounts for the next tier up. See chart below:





Discount on advertised prices*




Annual purchases with Detailground

$0 - $1,000

$1,000 - $2,000

$2,000 +

* Restrictions apply.

How it works:

- No minimum purchase is required to start or to keep the discount on tier 1, but you can be disqualified to the program if take several months without purchases. In this case, will be necessary to do the application again.
- Your tier is determined annually based on your year-to-date purchases (excluding shipping and sales tax).
- If at any time an order will qualify you for the next tier up, you will be able to receive the better discount on that order.
- The purchases will be accumulated from Jan 1 to Dec 31. When the year ends the price tier you are will be carry-over to following year.
- Discounts of Wholesale Program can not be combined with other sales, special offers, quantities discount and coupons. In this case the customer can decide what discount he prefers.
- Retroactive discounts will not be applied on purchases made before the Wholesale Program enrollment. If you want to get the discount on that order, hold the order until you are approved in the program.
- Some products or brands could be excluded of Wholesale Program discounts, or be with a lower discount than the chart above.


How to apply:


Please submit the Application Form below completely filled-out to our E-MAIL or in person at 8600 Commodity Circle, Suite 140 – Orlando, FL 32819.