With over 10 years of experience in the detailing business, Tiago Pinto (Detailground CEO) has trained over 300 students for the auto detailing market and has done hundreds of vehicles, performing all types of detailing such as paint correction, ceramic coating, PPF and much more. Today, Tiago continues to get his hands on the services we offer, alongside his highly trained team, to deliver the highest level of quality.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF or clear bra is the best protection available today for your car's paint. It is the only kind of protection that protects against rock chips, scratches, physical impacts, as well as all kind of chemical aggression including bugs, bird droppings, aggressive chemicals and uv rays, while keeping your paint looking better than brand new.

We work with the best PPF available in the market for our installations. It has self-healing properties that regenerates the film from light swirls and scratches, a ceramic coating infused to provide an amazing water and dirt repellency and a very shiny and smooth finish with zero orange peel texture. All that with up to 10 years warranty.

We pre-cut each part of the car to guarantee precise cuts with no risk of scratching the paint with blades. We customize and extend the patterns on the program to be able to wrap all the edges possible, ensuring a better coverage and minimizing visible seams

The customer can choose to cover the full front of the vehicle, the full body or just specific parts

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a long lasting protection that can be applied on your paint, wheels, plastics, leather parts, PPF, wraps and much more.

It protects against weather, chemical and UV damage while keeping the surface looking brand new and very easy to clean.

Besides that, the ceramic coating will improve the gloss and enhance the color of your paint or wheels. When applied on matte surfaces it will also enhance the color while keeping the matte finish.

On leather parts it helps to prevent stains, specially on light colors. It keeps the leather soft, easy to clean and protected against UV rays.

We offer different packages for ceramic coatings based on the surface that you want to protect and the durability of the ceramic coating.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction or Paint Polishing is the process that removes the swirls, light scratches and some other marks from your paint, making it much glossier, enhancing and adding depth to the color. With this process we can make your paint look better than when your car left the factory.

We offer different levels of correction, with one or more steps depending on how your paint is, and the end result that you are looking for.

Window Tint

We offer different options of window tint to improve the look of your vehicle while protecting you and the interior of your car against UV rays and high temperatures.


Do not hesitate to contact us about any kind of Detailing that you need. Our range of services is wide and includes washing, cleaning and protection of interiors, engine bay, undercarriage and much more!

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